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27 March 2019


Posted in Decor and Style, Duvets & Pillows

By Camilla Swart

The months of April, May and June are technically known as ‘autumn’ in South Africa; characterised by cooler mornings and evenings, with lovely temperate days. 

Autumn is a good time to assess your home décor. Take note of the colour and décor trends, adding or subtracting key pieces to update your style for the year ahead.  Cooler days mean more energy, which translates into creativity and enterprise.

Linen Drawer is not lagging when it comes to this. This is a great time of year to introduce new products and designs, so without too much preamble we introduce our new embroidery designs!

Taking the latest trends into account, these designs reflect the glory of natural, organic shapes in unique configurations. They complement the existing Linen Drawer embroidery designs, and offer a vibrant new note to the portfolio. Here are the new designs:

Linen Drawer embroidery designs           

Bird Damask- a playful take on the classical Damask designs.  There are two parts to this design; a full damask design and a simplified single design.  They can be used individually or as a set, for instance on duvets and pillowcases.

Linen Drawer embroidery designs 

Chrysanthemum – symbolic of long life and wealth this design portrays this glorious flower from bud to fully opened.  There are two parts to this design, a full design and a simplified design, which can be used singly or as a matching set.

Linen Drawer embroidery designs

Fleur de Lis – this design is ancient and is a stylised depiction of the Christian Holy Trinity.  It has been adopted by royalty for centuries and is associated with formal, stylised designs. The two designs in this group are a full design suitable for larger areas and a smaller accent design that can be used on its own or with the full design.

Linen Drawer embroidery designs

Floral Spray – this design is based on the Hindu or Buddhist ‘mandala’, which is a symbol used to represent creation, the whole world. The design is floral, with swirling organic shapes, echoing nature’s creations. Again, it comprises two parts which can be used together or singly, depending on preference.

Linen Drawer embroidery designs

Grape Wreath – inspired by the plentiful bounty of the grape harvest, this design gives thanks to the kindness of nature. The full design is a beautiful wreath design, and is complemented by a simpler design of grapes and wheat – both symbols of plenty and abundance.

Linen Drawer embroidery designs

Mexican Damask – this Aztec inspired design is an ethnic take on the classical damask designs.  Bold and graphic, it is unapologetically modern and is also our biggest design.  A versatile design which can be used as a pair or singly – it lends a vibrant touch.

Linen Drawer embroidery designs

Olive Branch – olives and olive trees are symbolic of friendship and peace. Our design has a lovely loose sweep and can be used as the full design or as a single accent.

Linen Drawer is very proud of their new designs and is looking forward to personalising your bed, bath and table linen with the above designs. Visit us at see other classic embroidery designs from Linen Drawer.